Pre-trial Diversion

The Pre-trial Diversion Program is designed for individuals who are first time offenders.  These individuals want to take responsibility for their actions, pay their debt to society, and rehabilitate themselves through individualized treatment plans.  Defendants will make application to the program, and will only be accepted after a thorough application packet is reviewed and approved by the District Attorney’s Office.  The program team consists of the Judge presiding over the case, the community prosecutor from the District Attorney’s Office, the Defendant and his/her attorney, the program counselor, and treatment professionals.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Obtain an application packet from the Limestone County District Attorney’s Office or this website. The Defendant’s attorney will explain the process, purpose, and concept of pre-trial diversion, and assist the Defendant in completing all the diversion paperwork.
  2. Return the application packet to the Pre-trial Diversion Director in the District Attorney’s Office.
  3. The District Attorney’s Office will process the application, complete a criminal background check, and consult the victim in the case before approving the Defendant to enter the program. The amount of restitution will also be determined.
  4. A meeting will be scheduled for the Defendant, Defendant’s attorney, Pre-trial Diversion Director, and Program Counselor to discuss the assessment results and to enter into a personal contract for services in the diversion program.
  5. The Defendant will either be accepted into the program, or their case will be processed through traditional prosecution.
  6. A court hearing will be scheduled in order for the Defendant to enter a plea into the program.


Download the following forms and information sheets:

If you would like to review your forms with us or receive additional assistance, we will be glad to talk with you by phone or by appointment at our office. Contact James E. Clem at (256) 216-1454.