Worthless Check Unit

Writing a worthless or “bad” check drawn on insufficient funds or a closed account is a crime.  Each year, worthless-check writers attempt to cost Limestone County businesses their hard earned money.  The Limestone County District Attorney’s Worthless Check Unit serves the county’s business community by collecting these worthless or “bad” checks free of charge.

To Start the Recovery Process:


  1. Use the U.S. Mail to send a certified notice (see below) with return receipt requested to the check writer. This notice must be sent to the address on the check and must give the check writer 10 business days from the receipt of notice to make the check good. If the check is from a business, the notice must be sent to the person who signed the check.  View the 10 Day Letter
  2. Save the green card that will be returned to you by the post office after the notice has been delivered. You must give the check writer 10 business days from the day the notice was delivered to pay the check and the service fee to you. Do not accept less than the full amount requested in the notice because once partial payment is accepted it becomes a civil matter and cannot be criminally prosecuted. If the notice is returned to you "Refused" or "Undeliverable", do not open it or throw it away. Follow steps 3 - 5.
  3. Fill out the Worthless Check Information Sheet with as much information about the check writer as you can provide. It can be printed or you can request a copy by calling Megan Goode at (256) 216-1452. After printing and completing the sheet, attach the check to the top left-hand corner and the green card from the post office to the back. View Worthless Check Information Sheet
  4. Bring the bad check, green card, and the form to us. If you would like to review the form with us or need additional assistance, we will be glad to talk with you by phone or by appointment at our office. Contact Megan Goode at (256) 216-1452.
  5. Do not accept payment from the check writer once the check has been filed with our office. Payments must be made to the Check Enforcement Unit only. Under Alabama law, you must pay a $30.00 fee if you or someone from your business takes a payment on a check that is filed with our office.